Graduating student, Kiera McDuff, has been recognized for her achievements in cardiorespiratory theory and practice.

The Cardiorespiratory Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association recognizes the achievements of entry-level physical therapy students who excel in both cardiorespiratory theory and clinical practice. Two top students from across the country who show a commitment and contribution to cardiorespiratory physical therapy are chosen for the Cardiorespiratory Student Award.

Kiera McDuff is in her second year of the Masters of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Toronto (U of T). She is very passionate about cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, particularly with respect to critical care.

Kiera has had 4 placements in acute care where she has received exposure to many areas of cardiorespiratory practice. She has been particularly inspired by physiotherapists in ICU settings where they are uniquely qualified to address issues such as pneumonia, weakness, and delirium to enhance a patient’s odds of regaining function and returning to their lives following massive medical interventions. These experiences have led Kiera to pursue a career in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

Currently, Kiera is working to raise awareness of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy through volunteer positions. Through her role as Social Media Coordinator of Exercise is Medicine on Campus at U of T, she works to raise awareness of the health effects of exercise amongst students on campus in various disciplines. As Student Representative of the Women’s Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, she is organizing a speaker series to highlight research in the area of women’s health, with particular emphasis on women’s cardiovascular health (which has historically received little scholarly attention, despite increasing rates of cardiovascular disease in women).

Kiera is excited to pursue a career path in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and to continue to develop her interest and involvement in this field. She plans to continue her education in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy beyond her Masters by taking courses, and staying up to date and involved in research.