Rehab Rounds: Dr. Prithvi Shah

Dr. Prithvi Shah from the University of California presents “Bridging the Gap Between Basic Neuromuscular Research and Motor Rehabilitation after Spinal Cord Injury” on Monday September 10, 2012 from 12-1pm. This event takes place at the room 140 of the Rehabilitation Sciences Building, 500 University Avenue.

Dr Shah is a Physical Therapist by undergraduate training and obtained her PhD in Muscle Physiology and Rehabilitation Science from the University of Florida. Her thesis work involved using non-invasive investigative technology [magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy] to decipher a variety of muscle adaptations in both human and animal models of spinal cord injury. Currently, Dr. Shah is a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Reggie Edgerton at UCLA. She is a recipient of the Craig Neilsen Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award and is an active participant of two ongoing studies in the laboratory – one funded by NIH and the other by the Roman Reed Foundation. She is an active Consortium Associate of the Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation. Her current research projects involve a) understanding the neurological mechanisms that underlie various locomotor behaviors in mammals b) using the principles of neuroplasticity in strategizing new neurorehab techniques in the spinal cord injury rodent model. She believes that the knowledge gained from basic neuroscience research can help introduce evidence-based neuro-rehabilitation strategies for persons with neurological disorders.

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recording of this presentation is available.