Education Rounds: Dr. Marla Nayer

University of Toronto Rehabilitation Sector presents Dr. Marla Nayer on Evaluation of Essential Competency Roles.  This event will take place on Wednesday March 28, 12-1pm in Room 132.

The Essential Competency Document describes seven roles for physiotherapists, including the role primarily focused on physiotherapy specific knowledge and skills (Expert) and intrinsic roles (Communicator, Collaborator, Manager, Advocate, Scholarly Practice and Professional). This session will explore options for evaluating performance in the intrinsic roles.

Objectives of the session

Participants will:

  1. Understand how to use the Essential Competency document to drive assessment of students
  2. Understand the different types of assessments that can be used to assess different intrinsic role
  3. Understand the principle of linking assessment formats to ensure coverage of selected competencies