Drs. Barbara Gibson and Stephanie Nixon Will Present at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Congress 2017 in South Africa

WCPT Congress announces leading speakers for key sessions.

Wold Congress adWCPT Congress-the world’s largest gathering of physical therapists-will be held July 2-4, 2017, in Cape Town, South Africa. The congress programme will include 17 focused symposia featuring 75 speakers from around the world. Focused symposia are core sessions where cutting edge research and practice perspectives are explored and debated.

“Our selection of innovative speakers will discuss important issues within physical therapy across a wide variety of practice and research areas,” says Dr. Dina Brooks, Chair of WCPT’s International Scientific Committee, and Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at University of Toronto. “Our symposia will provide participants the opportunity to learn from opinion leaders and engage in meaningful discussion.”

Each focused symposium is organised by a convenor, who leads an international group of speakers through linked research-focused presentations. Dr. Gibson, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, will present critical approaches to physiotherapy and how they can be used to interrogate and improve research, education, policy and clinical practices. Her colleague Dr. Nixon will speak about the latest research on HIV and rehab, with a focus on implications for practice.

The WCPT Congress is held every two years. The last congress, held in Singapore in 2015, attracted 3,500 physical therapists from 114 countries.