Dr. Kelly O’Brien Wins OPA Innovation and Advancement Award

Head shot of Kelly O'BrienThe Ontario Physiotherapy Association Awards Committee has selected Dr. Kelly O’Brien to receive this year’s Innovation and Advancement Award.  The OPA describes the criteria for this award as follows:

The Innovation and Advancement Award recognizes a member who has been a trailblazer within physiotherapy and advances the science of the profession through innovating approaches in clinical practice, research, technology and education. This individual is a leader and mentor in their field, exploring new practices while fostering new talent. This individual is known for “thinking outside the box” and for being on the cutting edge of the profession while striving for excellence in practice, research and /or education. This individual seeks and creates solutions, provides evidence and shares knowledge and is often described as being a strategic thinker, risk taker, visionary, progressive, and dynamic.

Nominated by 5 of her OPA peers, Dr. O’Brien contributions include, among others, the development of the Episodic Disability Framework among adults living with HIV, the development of the HIV Disability Questionnaire, the systematic review of aerobic and progressive resistive exercise training in PLWH, the e-module for evidence-informed rehabilitation, and a community-based exercise intervention to improve the health of adults living with HIV.

Dr. O’Brien will be presented with her award at the InterACTION Conference which is being held in Toronto on April 8-9, 2016.

Congratulations Dr. O’Brien!