Dr. Brenda Mori Launches Canadian Physiotherapy Assessment of Clinical Performance (ACP)

Dr. Mori is changing the way we evaluate students during internship.

As Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education and Community Affairs for the Department of Physical Therapy, Dr. Mori has developed a new assessment tool for physical therapy students in clinical education.

In collaboration with the National Association for Clinical Education in Physiotherapy (NACEP), she has created an assessment tool that provides clear expectations of students’ skills, and allows instructors and students to easily evaluate a variety of clinical abilities.

two female students smile looking at a laptop computerThe ACP is now being used in 12/14 physiotherapy schools across Canada. Instructors and their students complete the ACP at the mid and final points of each internship. After filling out the ACP, instructors meet with their students to provide formal feedback and elicit discussion about student performance and opportunities for growth and learning.

Back in 2009, Dr. Mori and colleagues concluded that the current assessment form being used to measure student performance-which was American- was not meeting the needs of Canadian educational institutions. They decided to pursue the development of a Canadian measurement tool that would meet several criteria including being  accessible online in both English and French, psychometrically sound and reflective of Canadian physiotherapy practice. This endeavor, which was the focus of Dr. Mori’s PhD work, had four phases that involved expert consultant panels, interviews, national surveys, and a pilot study. These phases were outlined in three Physical Therapy Canada publications, highlighting the intricate process of developing this new tool.

In April 2016, a web-based platform for the ACP was launched, making the tool easily accessible to instructors and students. Current feedback has been positive: the ACP is being praised for its conciseness, applicability to Canadian physiotherapy standards, and user-friendly nature.

Photo of Brenda Mori“Moving forward, the ACP will provide longitudinal national data on student performance in clinical education. This will help us making better informed decisions around clinical education and practice” says Dr. Mori. “It is an incredible accomplishment for physiotherapy education in Canada.”





Dr. Brenda Mori