Congratulations Class of 2020!

On behalf of the Alumni, Faculty, and Staff of the Department of Physical Therapy, congratulations to our newest Alumni – Class of 2020!

The annual Convocation and Awards Celebration was held virtually this year, on November 19, 2020. Students were honoured at the ceremony for their hard work and achievements throughout their time in the program. A list of the award recipients and some photos from the ceremony are included below. You can also download a copy of our brochure.

Breathe in Life Research Poster Award
Recipients: Kamille Aguilar; Clara Johnson; Shirley Luong; Marija Radenovic; Anne Wyrough

CBI Health Group Prize for Excellence in Student Research
Recipients: Kamille Aguilar; Clara Johnson; Shirley Luong; Marija Radenovic; Anne Wyrough

C. Estelle Cunningham Book Prize
Recipient: Malcolm Loukides

Herta Leyss Scholarship in Physical Therapy
Recipient: Jaskirat Cheema

 The Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (CAMPT) Student Award
Recipient: Jordan Stepien

 University Health Network Book Prize
Recipient: Sierra Zabel Rorai

 The Heart and Breath of Physical Therapy Award
Recipient: Jian Dealy

 Mary N. Sauriol Business Practice Prize
Recipient: Jordan Stepien

 Mount Sinai Hospital Book Prize
Recipient: Jordan Stepien

 The Hospital for Sick Children Prize in Paediatrics
Recipient: Samantha Martin

 Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network Patient Quality of Life Award
Recipient: Zoe Abbott-Tate

 Olive Wallace Pester Fellowship in Physical Therapy
Recipient: Robert Walsh

 University of Toronto Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Alumni Association Award
Recipient: Samuel Yentin

 Central Toronto District – Ontario Physiotherapy Association Award
Recipients: Simone Wright Stein; Samuel Yentin

 Molly Verrier Award
Recipient: Emma Swaffield

 Canadian Physiotherapy Association Leadership Award of Excellence
Recipient: Linnea Thacker

Carlos Melendez Memorial Award
Recipient: Laurin Black

 Toronto Cathay Lions Club Scholarship
Recipient: Emma Swaffield

 Canadian Physiotherapy Association Student Award
Recipient: Emma Swaffield

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Silver Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy
Recipient: Evan Roberts

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Gold Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy 
Recipient: Emma Swaffield

Headshot of Marija Radenovic Headshot of Kamille Aguilar
Headshot of Anne Marie Brooke Wyrough Headshot of Clara Louise Johnson
Headshot of Shirley Luong Headshot of Malcolm James Loukides
Headshot of Jordan Nicholas Stepien Headshot of Jaskirat Cheema
Headshot of Sierra Zabel Rorai Headshot of Jian Elise Dealy
Headshot of Samantha Marie Martin Headshot of Zoe Abbott-Tate
Headshot of Robert Michael Walsh Headshot of Simone Ella Wright-Stein
Headshot of Samuel Yentin Headshot of Emma Jane Swaffield
Headshot of Lindsay McPherson Headshot of Laurin Olivia Black
Headshot of Evan Llewellyn Roberts  

From top left: Marija Radenovic; Kamille Aguilar; Anne Wyrough; Clara Johnson; Shirley Luong; Malcom Loukides; Jordan Stepien; Jaskirat Cheema; Sierra Zabel Rorai; Jian Dealy; Samantha Martin; Zoe Abbott-Tate; Robert Walsh; Simone Wright-Stein; Samuel Yentin; Emma Swaffield; Lindsay McPherson; Laurin Black; Evan Roberts. Not pictured: Linnea Thacker