Congratulations 2014 Arbor Award Winners!

This year, three Department of Physical Therapy alumnae were recognized for their exceptional volunteer work: Marion J. Leslie-Bethune, Joan C. Pape, and Krisztina Weinacht.

0400-Pape, Joan C. (1)

Joan C. Pape with U of T President Gertler

Marion served as Executive Director while Joan was Assistant Executive Director of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association from 1973 to 1988. Marion also served as CEO of Providence Health Care. They were both instrumental in conducting research on the early history of physical therapy at U of T for Moving Together: Physical Therapy and the University of Toronto 1917-2007.

0372-Leslie-Bethune, Marion J. (1)

Marion Leslie-Bethune with U of T President Meric Gertler

Marion crafted the nomination of Enid Graham, the founder of PT at U of T, leading to Enid’s designation as a Person of National Historic Significance by Parks Canada.

0452-Weinacht, Krisztina (1)

Krisztina Weinacht with U of T President Gertler

Krisztina was a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Education Committee in the Cardiorespiratory Division for 11 years. She was recognized for her tremendous contribution as a volunteer teacher and for her continuing efforts to build relationships between U of T and the clinical community.  As a member of the Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Curriculum Committee, Krisztina provides expert input on new and innovative learning strategies.

The Department would like to thank Marion, Joan, and Krisztina for their hard work and dedication.