Boundless Impact: Rehab Sector’s Global Outreach Report Released

The Chairs of the Rehabilitation Sector are pleased to release the 2011-12 annual report, Boundless Impact.

We are proud to celebrate our international accomplishments and very excited about our future as we showcase our international work. In 2011, through strategic partnerships in 44 countries, we have extended the Rehabilitation Sector’s global impact in education, knowledge dissemination, and research.

Many of our faculty members are involved in boundary-crossing investigations with scientists, clinicians, and communities worldwide. For this report, we asked six professors in different stages of their careers to talk about their research and its global impact in Canadian Aboriginal communities and in developing countries around the world. Additionally, many of our research students are conducting research in other countries, extending our global outreach. Some of their work is also highlighted in this report. We are also fortunate to have 450 bright and energetic professional master’s students, many of whom complete internships in countries that experience high levels of poverty (e.g., Kenya, Tanzania, India, Cameroon).

We are very grateful to the donors who support our students in their international placements and highlight the creative initiatives of two of our donors who connect with students through their global interests. We close with a sincere thank you to everyone – faculty, staff, students, clinical educators, and donors – who are collectively launching the Rehab Sector’s educational programs and research onto the global stage.