Physical Therapy Students Honoured for Athletic Achievements

On Friday, April 1, the University of Toronto Intramural Banquet recognized students for their contributions and commitment to intramural athletics. Out of 18 “Intramural T” awards, which are presented to graduating athletes, physical therapy students Mujeeb Duranai, Ryan Sellan, Sean Meagher, Courtney Lacey and James Chen were honoured for their leadership, athleticism, sportsmanship, participation, and dedication to the intramural program. Winning 5 of the 18 awards, the “Rehab Team” won more than any other, highlighting our students’ passion for athletics and health.

Award winner James Chen kneels in front of 6 Blue Banner Awards

James Chen, Athletic Director of the Physical Therapy Student Council, was thrilled to see our department’s athletes recognized by the entire university.

“Not only are physical therapists leaders in the healthcare world, we have proven that we can be amazing role models in athletics as well. It was such a proud moment.”

says James, who was honoured with the David Breech Award for leadership, sportsmanship and performance.

The Departments of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy made history, being the first team to ever win 6 out of 6 awards for overall department intramural performance. Known as the “blue banners”, these awards reflect the number of participants, teams, fewest defaults, and overall performance (championship wins, teams in playoffs, etc.). The “Rehab Team” won for men’s participation, women’s participation, coed participation, men’s performance, women’s performance and coed performance.

The Department of Physical Therapy congratulates all our intramural athletes!


Photo: James Chen, Athletic Director of the Physical Therapy Student Council, and Andres Abuhadba Rodriguez, Communication Officer of the Physical Therapy Student Council, celebrate after the awards ceremony.