2015 MScPT Award Recipients

On November 11, 2015, 92 students in the Physical Therapy Class of 2015 convocated. The department held an awards ceremony at Michener Institute, followed by a reception at the Rehabilitation Sciences Building. The official graduation ceremony took place at Con Hall during the evening.

Here is a full list of all award winners. Full descriptions of these awards are also available. Congratulations to our graduates!

  • Breathe in Life Research Poster Award: Denine Kristen Ellis, Dirouhi Kesbian, Priscilla Leung, Alexandra Simonik and Kyle Vader
  • C. Estelle Cunningham Prize: Yalda Zameni
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Award: Midori Handford
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Leadership Award of Excellence: Denine Kristen Ellis
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Rising Star Distinction: Colleen Barbalinardo
  • Carlos Melendez Memorial Award: Colleen Barbalinardo
  • CBI Health Group Prize for Excellence in Student Research: Ghaith Dhaidan, Mikko Maunula, Vaeda Solomon, Leanna Souza-Barros
  • Central Toronto District – OPA Award: Denine Kristen Ellis, Jordan Fortuna
  • CIHR Health Professional Student Research Award: Kristina Boccia, Kristin Bignell, Carina Orschel, Emma Schoo, Yalda Zameni
  • Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Gold Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy: Kristina Irene Boccia
  • Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Silver Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy: Yalda Zameni
  • Goldie Lewis Award: Katelin Brianna Sims
  • Heart and Breath of Physical Therapy Award: Emma Schoo
  • Herta Leyss Scholarship in Physical Therapy: Brianne Burton
  • Hospital for Sick Children Prize in Paediatrics: Colleen Barbalinardo
  • Kathryn A Falconer Memorial Prize: Kristin Bignell
  • Mary N. Sauriol Business Practice Prize: Jordan Fortuna
  • Molly Verrier Award: Laura Tambosso
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Book Award: Megan Elizabeth Barbara Tanzos
  • Mountain Challenge Award: Katelin Brianna Sims
  • Olive Wallace Pester Fellowship in Physical Therapy: Andrew Patrick Countryman
  • Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Alumni Association Award: Kristina Irene Boccia
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Trauma Physiotherapy Award: Alexandra Simonik
  • Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network Patient Quality of Life Award: Tuen Mun Ong
  • Toronto Cathay Lions Club Scholarship: Sarah Christine Fingland
  • University Health Network Prize: Casey O’Dwyer