Students and Faculty Honoured at 2016 Research Day and Awards Ceremony

It was a day full of talent, “thank-you’s” and tweets!

A photo of Research Day, people milling about poesters in Stone LobbyOn July 20, 2016, Student Research Day celebrated the achievements of students and advisers as they showcased their research projects in poster presentations in the Stone Lobby of the Medical Sciences Building. Following the presentations, attendees enjoyed a lunch, then headed to the MacLeod Auditorium for the Recognition and Exceptional Awards Ceremony, which honoured members of our faculty and physiotherapy community for their achievements and commitment to the department. Students and faculty livestreamed event highlights on Twitter using #PTresearchUofT.

MScPT graduating class “Today was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of our faculty and students. We are proud to showcase the important student research going on at University of Toronto, and express gratitude to the people that make our department a hub of excellence in physiotherapy teaching and innovation” – Sharon Switzer-McIntyre, Assistant Professor, Vice-Chair of Education


Congratulations to all!


Breath in Life Poster Winners standing in front of their poster at Research DayBreathe in Life Poster Award
Exploring the perspectives of health care professionals in preventing injuries in youth soccer.
Students: Mark Gerguis, Joe Guirguis, Ashley Nagle, Ellen Hagglund, Andrew Babawy
Advisors: Euson Yeung, Rhona McGlasson, Karen Yoshida




Winners of the People's Choice Poster Award

People’s Choice Poster Award
Patient experiences of an online platform for home exercise program prescription.
Students: Mikale Robitaille, Paul Kosemetzky, Hillary Foster, Leanna Taggio, Hillary Abramsky, Puneet Kaur
Advisors: Maggie Bergeron, Barbara Gibson



Joanne Howe, on stage receiving her awardExceptional Achievement Awards
Jo-Anne Howe – Practitioner (pictured at right)
Lisa Wickerson – Professional Development
Helen Razmjou – Research

Physical Therapy Alumni Achievement Award
Aileen Davis

Recognition Awards
Lecturers / Lab Demonstrators
Mark Anunciacion
Jennifer Clifford
Sarah Eby
Chandra Farrer
Annemarie Lee
Carolyn Miller

Small Group Facilitators
Sharon Armstrong
Sarah Eby
Chandra Farrer
Christopher Iacob
Tania Obljubek

Contributions to ICDR
Charissa Aborot
Maria (Bunny) Claveria
Sharon Gallardo
Kenneth Quismundo
Jacquelin Rotella

Teaching Assistant
Sarah Eby
Stephanie Lurch
Natalie Pusateri
Tricia Twogood

Faculty & Staff
Erin Miller
Brenda Mori
Kelly O’Brien
Martine Quesnel
Esther Waugh

Clinical Instructors
Nancy Aeschelmann
Sharon Armstrong
Gary Beauchamp
Cynthia Benchetrit
Shashika Bissoon
Corrine Chan
Debbie Childerhose
Jaimie Coleman
Robyn Davies
Jenny Dea
Barbara Gorczyca Abel
Cathryn Groening
Sherry Harburn
Valerie Hart
Denise Helm
Peter Ho
Megan Hudson
Christopher Iacob
Gillian Johnston
Reenu Jumbu
Hussein Karim
Abi Kavanaugh
Chun Kim
Monique Kroeker
Christine Leger
Kristen MacDonell
Farwa Malik
Leana Marchand
Laura Mark
Mariam Mokhtarzada
Denise Nadeau
Karina Nguyen
Tania Obljubek
Joanna Parkes
Ildiko Parniczky
John Pendlebury
Linda Pugliese
Cathy Relf
Mary Ann Samuels
Leah Schwartz
Patricia Stapleford
Kelly Strong
Shaleen Sulway
Min Tang
Teresa Torres
Verity Tulloch
Tina Wells-Rowsell
Bill Wilcox
Josh Williams
Shawn Williams
Alison Wong
Joanna Wong
Vicky Xu
Ka-Kei Yeung
Moissei Zinguer

Unit 6/10/12 Research Advisor
Kenneth Wu

Structured Clinical Session (SCS) Supervisor
Rochelle Chung


Anatomy Lab (Unit 8) Team
Anne Agur
Mary Chang
Miriam Granek
Carol Heck
Judi Laprade
Teresa Wesolowski

Burn Week (Unit 8) Team
Shaindy Alexander
Robert Cartotto
Benji Choo
Joel Fish
Judy Knighton
Jamil Lati
Christina Simion
Gary Sui
Ralph Walker

Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program Team
Jeffrey Andrion
Lindsay Beavers
Alison Bonnyman
Lisa Caldana
Sylvia Daniel
Beth Despres
Mae Kwan
Stephanie Lurch
Lakshmi Matmari
Erin Miller
Robin Prince
Martine Quesnel
Sharon Switzer-McIntyre

Sensenbrenner Hospital: Physiotherapy Department
Sierra LaMontagne
Denise Nadeau
Natalie Pope-Lepage

Sports Week (Unit 8) Team
Sandra Bosich
Nancy Botting
Meghan Buttle
Jodi Bussiere
Miriam Granek
Sandy Hemming
Mireille Landry
Penny Lee
Laura Libby
Agnes Makowski
Cathy Striowski

St. Michael’s Hospital – Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Team
The OA Continuum of Care Team
Sandra Harrop
Shahiroz Juma
John Murnaghan
Veronica Palinkas
Amy Wainwright

Toronto General Hospital – Treadmill Room Team
Chaya Gottesman
Denise Helm

Unit 3 Musculoskeletal Team
Meghan Buttle
Sue Ellison
Sharon Switzer-McIntyre

Upper Extremity Continuum of Care Team
Antoinette Krakovsky
Kinny Quan-Velanoski