Year 1 MSK Course SCS Offers

Our students are starting their Year 1 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Course. We continue to have the series of three Structured Clinical Sessions (SCS) site visits for the Year 1 MSK course. These sessions are a highlight for the students in their course evaluations and tremendously beneficial for the students’ learning. We are hoping these SCSs will allow the students the opportunity to apply content learned in classes to an authentic MSK clinical environment.

These three SCSs will each be 2 hours long with a specific set of objectives. 

• SCS One (Thursday January 26, 2017) will focus on the “Subjective component of patient interactions”
• SCS Two (Wednesday March 8, 2017) will focus on the “Objective component of patient interactions”
• SCS Three (Wednesday March 22, 2017) will focus on the “Integration of assessment and treatment processes”

Each SCS will occur in the morning (9:00-11:00am). We are asking our outpatient MSK facilities to agree to host a pair of students for all three SCSs. The same students will attend the same site for all three sessions. If for some reason, the 9-11:00 time slot does not work for you, please feel free to suggest an alternate morning time (the students have to be back in class by 1:00 pm) or an evening time that would work for you and we will work with our students’ schedules to confirm a time.

The comprehensive outline that includes the objectives for each SCS can be downloaded here. This file also includes the summary of relevant clinical skills and lecture content covered prior to each session.

Please submit your offers to host our Year 1 students by December 21, 2016 by completing this very brief survey.

Thank you for your interest, this form is now closed.