Unit 4 Gross Motor Lab Recruitment

Unit 4 (Physical Therapy Practice III) is recruiting participants for the new Gross Motor Lab. The goal of the lab is to introduce the PT students to typical movement across the lifespan.

We are recruiting:

  • 8 typically developing infants aged 0-12 months (or up to 15 months if the child recently began walking)
  • 4 typically developing children aged 4-10 years
  • 4 healthy adults aged 65 years or greater

This year the Gross Motor Lab is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday March 20th at 500 University Ave. First the MScPT students will observe the infants moving and playing from 1:40-2:15pm (the students will observe, but not handle the infants). The students will then observe the older children and adults moving from 2:20-3:40pm. A $25 gift certificate will be provided as a thank you.

If you are interested in participating please fill out the form below. Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We will reply by email to confirm your participation.  Please forward this page to any friends, family members or colleagues who you think may be interested in participating.

Thank you!

The Unit 4 Team