Unit 2 Clinical Skills and EPA Labs Volunteer

It’s time to recruit virtual clinician volunteers for Units 1 & 2 in the MScPT program. Unit 1 (Critical Foundations in PT) runs from August 30-September 24. Unit 2 (Physical Therapy Practice I) runs from September 27-December 17, 2021 and is focused on developing critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills related to common musculoskeletal conditions. We would like to invite you to act as a virtual lab volunteer to assist in these sessions. For those of you who have contributed to the program in the past, we want to extend our thanks for your time. The students benefit so much from your experience and expertise, and we greatly appreciate the time and energy you put into teaching with us.

Unfortunately we are unable to bring clinician volunteers into the lab in person this fall due to COVID restrictions but we are hoping to fill this gap by connecting students with clinician volunteers virtually. Details on this process will be provided at the end of the summer. To participate you will require a device with google chrome and zoom installed as well as access to reliable internet.

Similar to the past, a typical lab session consists of demonstration of skills by an instructor, clinical reasoning problems and time for students to practice the skills and work through problems. A central component of these lab sessions is providing feedback to students on their hands-on and clinical reasoning skills.

For those of you less familiar with our new curriculum, here are some key changes you’ll notice in the lab sessions compared to the past curriculum:

  • Regional clinical skills (eg hip clinical skills) will be driven by specific cases rather than presenting a list of clinical skills in the absence of context. Clinician volunteers will have online access to all cases and supporting materials via Quercus.
  • Assessment and treatment skills will no longer be discussed in separate lab sessions.
  • Integration labs (on Fridays) will include regionally focused scenarios that students will work through in pairs or small groups. These labs provide rich opportunities for clinician volunteers to share their unique perspectives and clinical stories with the students.

Below are the dates for the Unit 1 & 2 lab sessions. To submit your offers, complete the form below before August 15, 2021.

THANK YOU again for your consideration of our requests.  We will be in touch to confirm the labs for which you have been scheduled and to provide instructions on how to access course information online via Quercus and how to join the lab virtually. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming academic year.

Please feel free to contact Tricia Twogood via email at t.twogood@utoronto.ca if you have any questions.

Tricia Twogood & Sharon Switzer-McIntyre