Unit 11 – Paediatric selective volunteer form

We are actively planning for the pediatric selective in Unit 11, which is scheduled from May 24, 2022 to May 27, 2022. This four-day selective will continue to build on integrating fundamental physiotherapy knowledge, skills and behaviors into evidence-informed practice. It is designed to prepare the well-rounded generalist in physical therapy to provide transformational and responsive care to children with disabilities. Innovation, creativity, critical thinking, an inquiry mindset, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of this selective. 

We are currently inviting volunteers from all areas of practice who have an interest in pediatrics to participate as facilitators for the dates listed below. This includes OTs! Building community is one of our goals. To participate you will require a device with google chrome and zoom installed as well as access to reliable internet. To submit your offer please click on the link below before April 20th, 2022 at 5pm.​ Please feel free to sign up for as many labs as is feasible.

All 3 of the sessions below will be remote via Zoom.

Tuesday May 24, 2-3pm (1 hour)

Case Study Facilitation
Students will be provided with a paediatric case study to review and answer questions prior to meeting with the clinician facilitator. From 2-3 pm you will be available to meet with a small group of students and help with any questions they may have about the case

Thursday May 26, 9-11am (2 hours) 

Virtual client assessment
Seeking clinician volunteers who have a client/family or a child that would be willing to participate in a one-hour virtual client assessment where the students will take the lead (under your direction). You will meet with the students for 30 min prior to the assessment for prep and for 30 min after the assessment to debrief.  Clinician volunteers who have a client volunteer that they are seeing for therapy are preferred, however an assessment with a neurotypical child is also an option.

Friday May 27, 9:45-11am (1.25 hours) – Please note in our email this was listed as Thursday May 27, it was supposed to be Friday May 27, our apologies for any confusion this may have causes

Master class- meet a paediatric clinician and do an informational interview
Students will rotate through pairs of clinicians that represent the breadth and depth of paediatric practice. They will have an opportunity to “interview” you and learn more about your practice and journey as a paediatric therapist

In addition please cascade this email onto others in your facility/practice who you think may be interested in participating in the Paediatric selective.

We THANK YOU in advance for considering this request. We will be in touch to confirm the session for which you have been scheduled, and to provide instructions on how to access course information and how to join the session virtually.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Paediatric Selective Committee Leads