Principles of Effective Assessment Design Registration

Creating course assessments to measure content mastery and knowledge acquisition can be relatively straightforward, but assessing such foundational skills as critical thinking, inquiry mindset, and professionalism can be more challenging. In this workshop designed for faculty in the MScPT program, participants will explore how to align assessment strategies with these three key pillars of the curriculum. We will also discuss a variety of ways to check your students’ understanding, from quick and easy to more complex. Participants will revise one of their own existing assessments or assignments for use in the renewed MScPT curriculum.

***Workshop participants should come prepared with a print-out of an existing assessment or assignment. Examples include a lab assignment handout, a quiz or term-test, instructions for a written assignment, etc.***

May 16, 2018 from 1:30-3:30, Room 841 @ 500 University Ave