Haemodynamics: Differential Diagnosis of Vascular Pain: University of Toronto 18th June 2019

This one-day course focusses on vascular pathologies and injuries which present as neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. The day will cover the differential diagnosis of vascular pathologies of the trunk, upper, and lower quadrants. Physiotherapy roles are changing, our responsibilities are growing and public expectations of us are increasing. Vascular assessment is a perfect example of the shift in physiotherapy practice which is being made in the context of emerging scientific knowledge. This course brings you up to date with the key elements of vascular science and practical skills required to enhance your clinical practice.

The one-day course will cover:

  • Haemodynamic science
  • Vascular sources of pain
  • Injury to vessels and pathological states
  • Risk assessment
  • Practical assessment skills and exercise testing
  • A 2019 update on the IFOMPT vascular pathologies of the neck practice framework

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to

  1. Demonstrate clinical knowledge of vascular disease relevant to everyday neuromusculoskeletal practice
  2. Undertake careful and focused history taking to facilitate reasoning and pattern recognition regarding vascular pathologies
  3. Perform specific haemodynamic clinical tests to facilitate differential diagnosis and clinical reasoning
  4. Develop enhanced clinical decision making regarding referral and management of patients with suspected vascular pathology