Financial Aid and Budgeting

Plan a Budget

It is critical to plan your finances carefully. As a professional masters’ student, you are ineligible for the typical funding package associated with a research student, nor are you eligible for University of Toronto Advanced Planning (UTAPS).  Most of our students rely on a combination of student loans, a line of credit, and savings to fund their studies. You can find sample budgets here

Apply for Student Loans

  • Student loan applications can take several weeks to process. If you are from outside of Ontario, it is especially important to apply for student aid early!
  • If you are an Ontario resident, you should apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) as soon as possible. Please direct questions to
  • If you are a resident of another province, you should apply to your own provincial government student financial aid program as soon as possible. Please direct questions to
  • If you want to defer your tuition payment, you will need to be in receipt of student aid (e.g., OSAP).
  • The Department offers bursary funding twice per year for students in financial need. To be eligible, you will need to have already applied for all other funding sources, including OSAP (or provincial equivalent) and a line of credit.

Apply for a Line of Credit

  • You are strongly encouraged to apply for a line of credit. This is an eligibility requirement for departmental bursary funding.
  • Keep the documentation from your bank if you do not qualify for a line of credit. You will need it if you apply for a bursary.

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

  • The Department of Physical Therapy offers in-course bursaries based on financial need and merit-based convocation awards. These are described in more detail online and in the student handbook.
  • Information is distributed to students about these opportunities by email, throughout the duration of the program.

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