How to Accept your Offer and Clear Conditions

Accept your offer by May 29, 2022 through ORPAS

  • To confirm your acceptance of an offer to the program, you MUST submit your response to ORPAS using the Choices and Offers link through your account on the Ontario Universities Application Center

Arrange for final transcripts to arrive at ORPAS by June 30, 2022

  • You need to ensure that ORPAS receives your final transcript(s) by June 30, indicating: 1) degree conferral with a minimum of a mid-B in the final year of study and 2) completion of all prerequisites with at least a 70% or a B- as stated on the transcript.
  • Your transcript must state “Degree Conferred.” When ordering your transcript be sure to select the option to send after graduation.
  • If you attended an Ontario university, you must order transcripts online.
  • If you attended a university outside of Ontario, you will need to contact your home institution to order a transcript.
  • If your degree was already conferred when you applied to the program, you do not need to re-send your transcript (unless you have additional coursework, such as prerequisites, that was recently completed).
  • All transcripts should be sent to ORPAS directly and NOT to the Department.

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