Functional Assessment: The Six-Minute Walk Test for Clinical Researchers and Clinicians – Spring 2018

30 April-15 June, 2018

A 15-Hour Online Course Presented by Lisa Wickerson, BScPT, MSc

Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto

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The six-minute walk test is a common outcome measure used in a variety of clinical populations to measure functional exercise capacity and evaluate the response to rehabilitation, medical, surgical and pharmacological interventions. Although published guidelines exist for the six-minute walk test, there is variability in test administration which can influence the results.

This course offers clinical researchers and clinicians a practical, skills-based, on-line course in administration of the six-minute walk test aimed at promoting and supporting best practices in clinical research and healthcare environments. During this online course, you will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required to administer the six-minute walk test in various clinical populations including cardiorespiratory, neurological and geriatric populations. Learning methods will include narrated lectures, videos and case studies with guiding questions for self-reflection, multiple choice quizzes, and on-line office hours with the Course Instructor.

Participants may register for the course any time before 1 June, 2018. The course opens on 30 April and closes on 15 June, 2018. Online activities are equivalent to approximately 15-20 hours, and may be completed at any time during this period, day or night.


At the conclusion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Discuss the indications for a six-minute walk test and the variables measured
  • Accurately describe the measurement properties of the six-minute walk test
  • Identify factors that influence the six-minute walk distance
  • Outline the steps required to prepare, record and administer the six-minute walk test according to standardized guidelines
  • Interpret findings of the six-minute walk test using normative values and population-specific clinical important differences
  • Administer the six-minute walk test to a high standard in research and clinical settings


  • Five video mini-lectures
  • Four case studies and self-reflective questions
  • Video of administration of the six-minute walk test and self-reflective questions
  • Five multiple choice quizzes (an overall mark of 80% on the quizzes is required to obtain a course certificate)
  • Additional resources and readings


Lisa Wickerson is a physiotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience in functional assessment and exercise prescription in chronic lung diseases at the University Health Network in Toronto. She has a BScPT and MSc from the University of Toronto, and is currently pursuing a PhD. Lisa is a lecturer in the Masters of Physical Therapy program, and an instructor in the Oxygen Administration and Pulmonary Rehabilitation continuing education courses at the University of Toronto. Lisa was a co-investigator on a study that developed an equation to determine the predicted six-minute walk distance in healthy Canadians  


To participate in this online offering, you will need:

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Please note: if you are registering for this course after 15 April 2018, there will be a short delay while we process your registration. You can expect a welcome email and online access within 2-3 working days.

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