Continuing Education

The Department of Physical Therapy at University of Toronto has a long history of providing continuing education to transform practice and advance the profession both nationally and internationally.

We are committed to offering innovative evidence-based courses, based on sound pedagogical principles. Our goal is to improve the health of individuals and our community through excellence in continuing professional education.

We are excited about our plans for the fall of 2017 and winter of 2018. In addition to onsite courses, we are continuing to expand our menu of online learning opportunities, recognizing that many physical therapists (including our alumni) are located outside the GTA. We have adopted a model that consists of online lectures, presentations, readings, resources, video cases, and discussion boards to engage and educate rehabilitation professionals.

two female students smile looking at a laptop computer

What participants are saying about our online offerings:

“I have never done an online course before so was unsure what to expect initially. I am finding that learning in this way is allowing me time to “digest” and incorporate my new knowledge directly into practice. This type of learning is different from the typical weekend course where you are often overwhelmed with information and then have to sift through it when you get home. I am able to try components of the new knowledge and then ask questions as they arise. I love it!” (Functional Electrical Stimulation in Neurorehabilitation, Spring 2017)

“This is my first online course and I’m really enjoying the format – it’s a great way to learn given my current busy lifestyle with kids and full time work!” (Functional Electrical Stimulation in Neurorehabilitation, Spring 2017)

“It was helpful to be self-paced. I really liked hearing from and learning from the other participants from varying perspectives.” (Diabetes Educator Certificate Program, Winter 2017)

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