Wilfrid Laurier University

Statistics & Research Methods Courses

Course Code Title Weight
BI393 Biostatistics 0.5
BU205/EU205 Introduction to Applied Statistics 0.5
BU255/EC255 Managerial Statistics 0.5
CC425 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice 0.5
EC205 Introduction to Applied Statistics 0.5
EC285 Introductory Statistics 0.5
HE201 Research Methods for the Health Sciences 0.5
HS324 Biostatistics 0.5
KP261 Research Methods I 0.5
KP262 Research Methods II 0.5
KP290 Research Methods 0.5.
KP390 Inferential Statistics 0.5
PS291 Introduction to Research Methods 0.5
MA141 Introduction to Applied Statistical Analysis 0.5
MA240 Introduction to Probability & Statistics 0.5
MA241 Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences 0.5
MA242 Applied Regression Analysis 0.5
MA340 Introduction to Probability Theory 0.5
MA341 Introduction to The Theory of Statistics 0.5
MA343 Introduction to Multivariate Analysis 0.5
MA344 Introduction to Experimental Design & Analysis 0.5
MA348 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis 0.5
OL233/CC233 Introduction to Social Science Research Methods 0.5
OL334 Social Science Research Methods II 0.5
PS292 Introduction to Statistics 0.5
PS295 Introduction to Research Methods 0.5
PS296 Introduction to Statistics 0.5
PS395 Analysis of Variance 0.5
ST231 Statistical Methods for Life and Health Sciences 0.5
SY280 Quantitative Methods 0.5
SY382 Social Statistics 0.5
SY383 Advanced Social Statistics 0.5
SY490* Advanced Quantitative Analysis 0.5

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Remember that you need one half credit in human anatomy and one half credit in human physiology. You can also use two combined human anatomy and physiology half credit courses to fulfill this requirement; however, if you choose this option, you must use two combined anatomy/physiology half credit courses.

Course Code Title Weight Anatomy Physiology
BI210* or HE210* Human Anatomy 0.5 x  
BI 216* or HE211* Human Physiology 0.5   x
BI217 Human Physiology II – Structure, Function, & Integration 0.5   x
HE340A Special Topics: Anatomy II 0.5 x  
HN204  Systems Human Anatomy 0.5 x  
HN210 Human Anatomy 0.5 x  
HN220 Human Physiology I 0.5   x
HS202 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 0.5 x x
HS204 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 0.5 x x
KP220 Human Biology – Physiology 0.5   x
KP222 Human Physiology 0.5   x
KP221 Functional Human Anatomy 0.5 x  
HN320 Human Physiology II: Control and Integration 0.5   x

*Acceptable course that is no longer offered