University of Winnipeg

Statistics & Research Methods Courses

Course Code Title Weight
GEOG-2309(3) Statistical Techniques in Environmental Analysis 0.5
MATH-3611(3) Mathematical Statistics I 0.5
MATH-3612(3) Mathematical Statistics II 0.5
PSYC-2101(3) Introduction to Data Analysis 0.5
PSYC-2102(3) Introduction to Research Methods 0.5
PSYC-4100(6) Intermediate Research Design & Data Analysis 1
SOC-2125(3) Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods 0.5
SOC-3116(3) Applied Research Methods 0.5
SOC-4116(3) Seminar in Quantitative Research Methods 0.5
STAT-1201(6)* Introduction to Statistical Analysis 1
STAT-1301(3) Statistical Analysis I 0.5
STAT-1302(3) Statistical Analysis II 0.5
STAT-1501(3) Elementary Biological Statistics I 0.5
STAT 2001(3) or STAT-1601(3)* Elementary Biological Statistics II 0.5
STAT-2103(3) Intermediate Biological Statistics 0.5
STAT-2104(3) Nonparametric Statistics 0.5
STAT-2903(3) Introduction to Statistical Computing 0.5
STAT-3103(3) Statistics in Research I 0.5
STAT-3104(3) Statistics in Research II 0.5
STAT-3611(3) Mathematical Statistics I 0.5
STAT-3612(3) Mathematical Statistics II 0.5
STAT-4601(3) Statistical Design of Experiments 0.5

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Remember that you need one half credit in human anatomy and one half credit in human physiology.

Course Code Title Weight Anatomy Physiology
BIOL-1112(6) Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 x x
KIN-2204(3) Introduction to Human Physiology 0.5 x
KIN-2301(3) Human Anatomy 0.5 x
KIN-4301(3) Applied Human Anatomy 0.5 x

*Acceptable course that is no longer offered