University of Toronto Scarborough

Statistics & Research Methods Courses

Course Code Title Weight
ANTC35H3 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology 0.5
ANTC67H3 Foundation in Epidemiology 0.5
HLTB15H3 Introduction to Health Research Methodology 0.5
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I 0.5
MGEB12H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics II 0.5
PSYB01H3 Psychological Research Laboratory 0.5
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology 0.5
PSYC08H3 Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology 0.5
SOCB05H3 Logic of Social Inquiry 0.5
SOCB06H3 Social Statistics 0.5
STAB22H3 Statistics I 0.5
STAB27H3 Statistics II 0.5
STAB52H3 An Introduction to Probability 0.5
STAB57H3 An Introduction to Statistics 0.5
STAC32H3 Applications of Statistical Method 0.5
STAC50H3 Data Collection 0.5
STAC58H3 Statistical Inference 0.5
STAD29H3 Statistics for Life & Social Scientists 0.5

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Remember that you need one half credit in human anatomy and one half credit in human physiology.

Course Code Title Weight Anatomy Physiology
BIOB33H3 Human Development & Anatomy 0.5 x  
BIOB35H3 Essentials of Human Physiology 0.5   x
BIOC32H3 Human Physiology I 0.5   x
BIOC33H3 Human Physiology II: Lecture and Laboratory 0.5   x
BIOC34H3 Human Physiology II: Lecture 0.5   x

*Acceptable course that is no longer offered