University of Toronto St. George

Statistics & Research Methods Courses

 Course Code  Title Weight
BME225H1 Biostatistics 0.5
CHE223H1 Statistics 0.5
ECO220Y1 Quantitative Methods in Economics 1
ECO227Y1 Quantitative Methods in Economics 1
EEB225H1 Biostatistics for Biological Sciences 0.5
EXS5515H1 Research Methods in Physical Activity and Health 0.5
FRE383H1 Quantitative and experimental approaches to the study of French 0.5
GGR270H1 Introductory Analytical Methods 0.5
HMB325H1 Statistics Applied to Human Biology 0.5
KPE190H Inquiry in Kinesiology and Physical Education 0.5
KPE290Y1 or PHE203Y1* Research Design and Evaluation 1
KPE290H1 Research Design and Evaluation: Qualitative Approaches 0.5
KPE291H1 Research Design and Evaluation: Quantitative Approaches 0.5
LIN305H1 Quantitative Methods in Linguistics 0.5
LMP1407H1 Introductory Biostatistics and Clinical Investigation 0.5
MIE237H1 Statistics 0.5
MBP101H1 Quantitative Biology – Statistical Methods 0.5
MRS266H1 Introduction to Research Methods 0.5
MSC 1001Y1 Human Anatomy 1
PCL376H1 Experimental Design & Data Analysis for Pharmacology & Toxicology 0.5
PSY201H1 Statistics I 0.5
PSY202H1 Statistics II 0.5
SOC200H1 Logic of Social Inquiry 0.5
SOC202H1 Quantitative Analysis in Social Science Research 0.5
SOC300H1 Applications of Quantitative Methods in Social Science Research 0.5
STA107H1* An Introduction to Probability & Modeling 0.5
STA220H1 The Practice of Statistics I 0.5
STA221H1 The Practice of Statistics II 0.5
STA247H1 Probability with Computer Applications 0.5
STA248H1 Statistics for Computer Scientists 0.5
STA250H1* Statistical Concepts 0.5
STA255H1 Statistical Theory 0.5
STA257H1 Probability & Statistics I 0.5
STA261H1 Probability & Statistics II 0.5
STA286H1 Probability and Statistics 0.5
STA288H1 Statistics and Scientific Inquiry in the Life Sciences 0.5
STA302H1 Methods of Data Analysis I 0.5
STA303H1 Methods of Data Analysis II 0.5
STA304H1 Surveys, Sampling and Observational Data 0.5
STA305H1 Design and Analysis of Experiments 0.5
STA347H1 Probability 0.5
STA442H1 Methods of Applied Statistics 0.5

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Remember that you need one half credit in human anatomy and one half credit in human physiology.

Course Code Title Weight Anatomy Physiology
ANA126Y1 Elementary Human Gross Anatomy 1  x  
ANA300Y1 Human Anatomy & Histology 1  x  
JBO302Y1* Human Physiology & Biophysics 1   x
KPE260H1 or PHE205H1* Introduction to Human Physiology 0.5   x
KPE369H1 Human Physiology II 0.5   x
MIE331H1 Physiological Control Systems 0.5   x
MRS159H1 Anatomy for Medical Radiation Sciences 0.5 x  
MRS161H1 Anatomy 0.5 x  
MRS162H1 Physiology 0.5   x
MSC1001Y1 Human Anatomy 1.0 x  
PSL200Y1* Basic Human Physiology 1   x
PSL201Y1 Basic Human Physiology 1   x
PSL300H1 Human Physiology I 0.5   x
PSL301H1 Human Physiology II 0.5   x
PSL302Y1* Human Physiology 1   x
PSL372H1 Mammalian Physiology Laboratory 0.5   x
PSL374H1 Advanced Physiology Laboratory 0.5   x
SCS2159† Basic Human Physiology 0.5   x
SCS3655† Human Gross Anatomy 0.5 x  

*Acceptable course that is no longer offered
†While SCS2159 meets our human physiology requirement and SCS3655 meets our human anatomy requirement, these are not degree credits, and as such will not be counted in the GPA calculation.