University of Northern British Columbia

Please note that only degree level courses from UNBC will be considered when evaluating prerequisite courses. Courses taken as part of a certificate or diploma will generally not meet our prerequisite requirements.

Statistics & Research Methods Courses

Course Code Title Weight
ECON 205-3 Statistics for the Social and Management Sciences 0.5
ENPL 319-3 Social Research Methods 0.5
HHSC 351-3 Research Design and Methods for Health Sciences 0.5
NURS 403-3 Introduction to Nursing Research 0.5
ORTM 310-3 Research Methods and Analysis 0.5
SOCW 330-3 Social Work Research/Policy/Practice 0.5
STAT 240-3 Basic Statistics 0.5
STAT 371-3 Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers 0.5
STAT 372-3 Mathematical Statistics 0.5
STAT 472-3 Survey Sampling Design & Analysis 0.5
STAT 473-3 Experimental Design & Analysis 0.5

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Remember that you need one half credit in human anatomy and one half credit in human physiology. You can also use two combined human anatomy and physiology half credit courses to fulfill this requirement; however, if you choose this option, you must use two combined anatomy/physiology half credit courses.

Course Code Title Weight Anatomy Physiology
HHSC 105-3 Functional Anatomy 0.5 x
HHSC 111-4 Anatomy and Physiology I 0.5 x x
HHSC 112-4 Anatomy and Physiology II 0.5 x x