Laurentian University

Statistics & Research Methods Courses

Course Code Title Weight
BIOL 3327EL Experimental Methods in Biology 0.5
COMM 5616EL Business Statistics 0.5
MATH 3236EL Probability & Statistics 0.5
MATH 4236EL Topics in Statistics I 0.5
MATH 4237EL Topics in Statistics II 0.5
PHED 2216EL Research Methods in Human Kinetics 0.5
PHED 3327EL Research Methods in Biology 0.5
PSYC 2127EL Scientific Methods & Analysis II 0.5
PSYC 3256EL Design & Analysis I 0.5
PSYC 3257EL Design & Analysis II 0.5
SOCI 2127EL Research Methods & Data Analysis 0.5
SOCI 4026EL Quantitative Methods 0.5
STAT 1056EL Business Statistics 0.5
STAT 2126EL Introduction to Statistics 0.5
STAT 2246EL Statistics for Science 0.5

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Remember that you need one half credit in human anatomy and one half credit in human physiology. You can also use two combined human anatomy and physiology half credit courses to fulfill this requirement; however, if you choose this option, you must use two combined anatomy/physiology half credit courses.

Course Code Title Weight Anatomy Physiology
BIOL 1700EL Structure & Function of the Human Body 1 x x
BIOL 2105EL Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 x x
BIOL 2107EL* Human Anatomy 0.5 x  
BIOL 2701EL Human Physiology 0.5   x
BIOL 3756EL Vertebrate Physiology 0.5   x
PHED 1506EL Anatomy and Kinesiology I 0.5 x  
PHED 1507EL Anatomy and Kinesiology II  0.5 x  
PHED 2506EL Physiology I (used to be Physiological Basis of Human Performance I) 0.5   x
PHED 2507EL Physiology II (used to be Physiological Basis of Human Performance II) 0.5   x

*Acceptable course that is no longer offered