2020 Admissions Cycle

Effective for the 2020 admission cycle, all applicants are required to complete the online CASPer test to be admissible to the MScPT program. The CASPer is an online situational judgement test that evaluates personal and professional characteristics. You can complete the CASPer test on any computer with internet and a webcam from a location of your choice. The test measures soft skills such as communication, ethics, and empathy. You can learn more by visiting the CASPer websiteThe final date to write the CASPer for September 2020 entry to the program is January 9, 2020.

We introduced changes effective in the 2016 Admission Cycle. The prerequisite requirements are as outlined below:

  1. One half course equivalent in human physiology (instead of one full credit)
  2. One half course equivalent in human anatomy
  3. A minimum grade of B- (or 70%), as per the grade recorded on the transcript, is required in all prerequisite courses.
  4. Psychology can be used to fulfill the social science/humanities/languages requirement only. It cannot be used to fulfill the life/physical science requirement.

Applicants are still required to complete one full course (or two half course) equivalent in life and/or physical sciences, one full course (or two half course) equivalent in social sciences and/or humanities and/or languages, and one half course equivalent in statistics or research methods. All other requirements, including the seven year window for prerequisite courses, will remain the same.

We have updated our individual Prerequisite Verification university pages and they now include acceptable human physiology and human anatomy courses. Many universities offer combined human physiology/anatomy courses, which can be used to fulfill our requirements. Please see the chart for your particular university for more information of specific courses.

If you have questions regarding these changes, please email physther.facmed@utoronto.ca.