Our Mission

  • Educate future and current physical therapists
  • Advance practice
  • Foster leadership
  • Contribute to our communities

4 students, 2 female/2male, sitting on grass on campus. The CN towner is off in the background.

The MScPT is a 24 month program, including 28 weeks of full-time clinical internships, plus 66 hours of clinical structure skill sessions that are integrated into the curriculum. The MScPT is a professional program that requires the completion of a four-year undergraduate degree for admission.

The purpose of the Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy is to graduate academic physical therapy practitioners who:

  1. Exhibit Best Practices
    -Share their knowledge with students, clients, policy makers, and other professionals in academic health science environments.
    -Possess enhanced competency in clinical skills.
    -Participate in clinical and health care research, contributing to the overall body of scientific knowledge.
    -Are cognizant of advanced technological practice.
  2. Embody Professionalism
    -Act as self-regulating professionals who exhibit strong personal, moral, and ethical values.
    -Recognize the changing laws, codes, and guidelines that impact physical therapy.
    -Embody entrepreneurship with sound business acumen.
    -Excel in professional practice in a wide variety of venues.
  3. Showcase Leadership
    -Serve as role models for students and other health professionals as expert consultants in the fields of movement and physical capacity.
    -Serve as strong players with exemplary interpersonal skills, secure in their evolving role within changing health service delivery.
  4. Value Citizenship
    -Act as innovative leaders in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and the health system.
    -Negotiate and advocate, proactively addressing interprofessional politics and health policy.
    -Maintain and improve the health of clients and their community.