New Informational Tip-Sheets for Instructors in the MScPT Program – August 7, 2019

The roll-out of a new curriculum means change for our instructors, whether you are departmental or clinical faculty, a guest lecturer, a small group or lab instructor, or a supervisor in a clinical setting. We are pleased to share a new series of information tip-sheets specifically designed for each of the main teaching roles within the new curriculum. Here you can find a basic overview of what each role entails, with key responsibilities and expectations. We also suggest simple strategies for connecting your teaching in each context with the three key pillars of the new curriculum – Critical Thinking, Inquiry Mindset, and Professionalism. If you’re looking for ways to integrate the pillars into your planning, or want to try something new on the fly, these tip-sheets are a great place to start.

Please feel free to review the tip sheets that are most relevant to your role in the curriculum and if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!