Introduction to the Renewed Curriculum – February 8, 2019

The Department of Physical Therapy is pleased to introduce our renewed MScPT curriculum, launching in September 2019!

This innovative degree program is the result of several years of extensive curriculum evaluation and renewal. Our core mission is to develop highly skilled and competent physical therapists. Three pillars of the renewed curriculum support this mission: critical thinking, inquiry mindset, and professionalism. These pillars move from vision to action though a series of targeted changes that shape both classroom and clinical learning.

We are excited to share updates and information about the renewed curriculum with you. The curriculum team will send out bimonthly communications beginning in February—these will keep you up-to-date as we roll out changes to the MScPT program. In addition to overviews of various curricular components, including the three pillars, we will also be offering a range of tailored faculty development opportunities and resources throughout the process.

Get started now with this introduction to the renewed curriculum, available as a 20-minute online presentation.