Developing Critical Thinking – March 26, 2019

As described in our introduction to the renewed curriculum, three foundational pillars support our curriculum vision to develop highly skilled and competent physical therapy practitioners.  One of these pillars emphasizes the development of skills related to Critical Thinking, which we characterize as the ability to arrive at the best possible evidence-informed decisions by effectively engaging with various forms of knowledge.  We are excited to share with you how the Critical Thinking pillar shapes the overall teaching and learning environment in the new MScPT curriculum in this brief 10-minute online presentation on Critical Thinking.  Throughout the presentation, we describe concrete examples of how faculty can foster critical thinking across the curriculum. At the end of the presentation, we invite you to submit your ideas of how critical thinking can be observed in physical therapy practice.  Note that you will be able to type and submit your ideas right in the presentation slide.   We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the critical thinking pillar.