Chair’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Physical Therapy! As one of 15 training sites for physical therapists across the country, our department is a key contributor to Canada’s rehabilitation sector and University of Toronto’s vibrant health sciences network.

Effective January 2019-December 2020, I have been appointed interim chair responsible for overall administration of the department and research.
Under a co-leadership model, I am joined by Prof. Sharon Switzer-McIntyre as Program Director and Prof. Brenda Mori, Associate Program Director. Prof. Switzer-McIntyre leads accreditation and is responsible for the overall MScPT program, including admissions, unit operations, continuous quality improvement and continuing education. Prof. Mori leads clinical education and faculty development and contributes to the program’s quality improvement efforts through curriculum renewal and accreditation.

At U of T, we have outstanding students and a PT faculty with great strengths in research and clinical education. In 2019-20, we will recruit two new tenure-stream faculty, one with research expertise in complex comorbidity, the other in critical disability and gerontology. And we have made great strides in updating our MScPT curriculum with a new curriculum being implemented in September 2019.

It’s an exciting time in physical therapy and it is an honour to be working together to lead this dedicated department.

Susan Jaglal PhD, FCAHS
Professor and Interim Chair