Physical Therapy

Student Research

During units 6, 10 and 12, our MScPT students complete a group research project as part of the required program curriculum. This component is designed to integrate practice in physical therapy with research and program evaluation. The focus of these units is on developing student’s skills in critical appraisal, critical thinking and problem solving. Students complete the research project under supervision of a practitioner and an academic faculty. Projects are presented at our annual Research Day, which usually occurs in late July annually.


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Within this portal, the Department of Physical Therapy has space dedicated to the research and publication accomplishments by students in the MScPT program at the University of Toronto.

2012-13 MScPT Student Research Projects

Group 3.Type and Quality of Physical Therapy Research Publications: Has there been a change in the last decade?

  • Students: Leo Chau, Ali Hassan, Tristan Senior, Kaitlyn Snell, Lauren Sutherland
  • Advisors: Dina Brooks, Tania Janaudis Ferreira

Group 7. The Untold Story of Living with Contact Dermatitis of the Hand

  • Students: Angela Chung, Etienne Dugal-Tessier, Edga Escorcia , Kathy Li, Lisa Smuskowitz
  • Advisors: Sharon Switzer-McIntyre, Linn Holness
  • Partner: St. Michael’s Hospital

Group 14. Movement strategies Adopted during Active Gaming

  • Students: Samantha Grimes, Karlee Hall, Stephanie Middleton, Lauren Morley, Meghan Stapledon
  • Advisors: Karl Zabjek, Meredith Smith
  • Partners: St Johns Rehab and Lyndhurst Hospital

Group 21: Clinical Practice Facilitators: An Innovative Mentor Role for Internationally Educated Physical Therapists in a Bridging Program

  • Students: Sylvia Daniels
  • Advisors: Cathy Evans, Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
  • Partner: OIEPB

Group 2: An Evaluation of the Osteo-Circuit™ Building Better Bones Exercise and Education program

  • Students: Caitlyn Goodfellow, Polina Provad, Rachel Puccia, Kimberly Rowe, Tracey Tan
  • Advisors: Esther Waugh, Bonny O’Hare, Susan Jaglal

Group 5. Credentialing of Sports Physiotherapy Canada Members: A Needs Assessment

  • Students: Kathleen Conaty, Jacob De Bruyne, Joseph Di Fonzo, Julie Frame, Masumi Turnbull
  • Advisors: Mireille Landry, Agnes Makowski, Nancy Salbach
  • Partners: Sports Physiotherapy Canada Division, Ontario Section, Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Group 12. Lower levels of Fatigue in Physically Active Adults with Cystic Fibrosis: a Pilot Study

  • Students: Jennifer Donovan, Stephen Figliomeni, Danette Lam, Anthony Naccarato, Carly Orava
  • Advisors: Kenneth Wu, Pat Fox, Erika Szego, Karen Yoshida
  • Partners: Toronto Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program, Mobility Program Clinical Research Unit, St. Michael’s Hospital

Group 13. The Role of the Physiotherapist in Ambulatory Complex Chronic Care

  • Students: Sharon Armstrong, Irfaan Bacchus, Jillian Ferguson, Leah Rosenberg, Sonia Vovan
  • Advisors: Theresa Kay, Debbie Childerhose, Nancy Salbach
  • Partner: Women’s College Hospital

Group 6. Factors affecting Discharge Destination following Lung Transplantation

  • Students: Ryan Brijlal, Samantha Chung, Jonathan Lim Sze How, Nadir Mawji, Min Tang
  • Advisors: Tania Ferreira, Sunita Mathur, Lisa Wickerson
  • Partners: Sunybrook- St. John’s Rehab and University Health Network

Group 8. Sunday Physical Therapy Contributes to Decreasing Length of Stay Post-Total Joint Arthroplasty

  • Students: Sarah Awadalla, Kevin Chang, Karen Eslinger, Nicolas Shields, Angela Wang
  • Advisors: Jennifer Istvan, Ankur Desai, Susan Jaglal
  • Partners: The Scarborough Hospital

Group 15. What are Ontario Physiotherapiss’’ Opinions on Ordering Diagnostic Imaging?

  • Students: Krista De Luca, Sana Goldan, Abduliah Imam, Boris Li, Jodie Ng Fuk Chong
  • Advisors: Euson Yeung, Anna Chu, Karl Zabjek
  • Partner: St. John’s Rehab

Group 16. Factors that Influence Spasticity in Individuals with Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis

  • Students: Janice Cheung, Stephanie Di Poce, Jessica Hoang, Amy Levine, Amanda Rancourt
  • Advisors: Chetan Phadke, Dina Brooks
  • Partner: Spasticity Research Program, West Park Healthcare Centre

Group 1. Perspectives on the Evolution of the Manager Role in the Essential Competencies Profile for Physiotherapists in Canada

  • Students: Alexander Doduc, Amy Gildner, Sara Gusev, Carla Robitaille, David Wells
  • Advisors: Stephanie Nixon, Jackie Schleifer-Taylor

Group 10. Patient Perspectives on Information Needs for Amputation Secondary to Vascular Disease: What, When, Why and How Much?

  • Students: Stephanie Bailey, Gill Balboul, Ashli Cormier , Halli Pedlow, Megan Provost
  • Advisors: Jaimie Coleman, Pat Fox, Stephanie Nixon
  • Partner: St. Michael’s Hospital

Group 19. Making Sense of it: Evaluation of an Educational Booklet on Fracture Healing

  • Students: Carolynn Eng, Katie Hauck, Sarah Kerr, Claire Nash, Stephanie Seto
  • Advisors: Pat Fox, Ros Crooks, Maureen Riley, Karen Yoshida
  • Partner: Mobility Program Clinical Research Unit, St. Michael’s Hospital

Group 20. Balancing Hope and Realism: Physical Therapists’ Dilemma in Negotiating Walking Goals with Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Students: Kelly Boyd, Katrine De Asis, Rachel Lee, Kristin Le Roy, Rachel Martin
  • Advisors: Barbara Gibson, Virginia Wright, Gail Teachman
  • Partner: Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Group 4. A Framework: Understanding Parents Experiences with Early Mobility in a Pediatric Critical Care Unit

  • Students: Kristie Gillanders, Erin Hennessy, Lisa Herterich, Rachel Parisien, Kendra Saunders
  • Advisors: Jamil Lati, Stephanie Dos Santos, Kelly O’Brien
  • Partner: Rehabilitation Department, The Hospital for Sick Children

Group 11. Enhanced Patient Center-Care: Perspectives of Physiotherapists regarding the Impact of International Clinical Internships on Practice

  • Students: Anne-Marie Bourgeois, Allison Condren, Ellen McCurry, Giulia Mesaroli, Peter Petropanagos
  • Advisors: Stephanie Nixon, Michelle Fraser
  • Partners: International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation, International Health Division, University of Toronto

Group 9. You’ve got to try it all: Parents’ Expectations with the Lokomat and approaches to walking therapy for their children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Students: Briony Beveridge, Saniya Dang, Deanna Feltracco, Emily Strauss, Jillian Struyf
  • Advisors: Virginia Wright, Barbara Gibson, Darcy Fehlings
  • Partner: Bloorview Research Institute, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Group 17. Exercise from the Perspective of Adults with Aphasia: Barriers and Facilitators to Access and Participation.

  • Students: Diane Blonski, Megan Covert, Roxanne Gauthier, Alana Monas, Danielle Murray
  • Advisors: Maria Huijbregts, Debbie Mendelson, Rochelle Cohen-Schneider, Fatima Cabral, Kelly O’Brien
  • Partners: Family Service Toronto and Baycrest Health Sciences

Group 18. Student and Clinical Instructor Perceptions of Effective Teaching Behaviours

  • Students: Upasana Banerjee, Sophia Gilevich, Matthew Hughes, Amanda Kapsimalis, Jessica Pearo
  • Advisors: Brenda Mori, Cathy Evans