Physical Therapy

PT Applicants: ORPAS Verification Report

If you have applied to the 2015 ORPAS cycle, you can check your Verification Report (VR) by logging into your ORPAS application. This report is available once your academic record has been reviewed by ORPAS, which will likely occur in early February. The VR will present an up-to-date summary of all information contained in your application, including what transcripts and Confidential Assessment Forms have been received. It will also include the sub-GPA and a list of all courses/grades used in the calculation.

ORPAS will send you an email once this report is available to view.

You are responsible for reporting any required changes to your academic record by
March 2, 2015. 
You must contact ORPAS using the SAM tool (which is accessed through the ORPAS online application) to report these changes. Please keep in mind that if you have foreign exchange courses, graduate level courses, or were educated outside of North America, the PT Department will perform a manual GPA calculation.