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**APPLICATION  DEADLINERegistration is now CLOSED.** All available spots for Sunday, February 28, 2016 have been filled.

The Bridging Program is designed to provide educational opportunities for physical therapists educated outside of Canada, who already possess specified qualifications, to develop the additional knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning required to meet Canadian entry-to-practice standards. The Bridging Program provides cultural and workplace orientation to facilitate success in the workplace. The University of Toronto, Department of Physical Therapy and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration are in partnership to offer internationally trained physiotherapists the opportunity to bridge their qualifications to the Canadian qualifications.

We are now accepting applications for admissions 2016/2017. The deadline to apply is January 22, 2016. Please apply now as enrolment is competitive and limited.

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Physical therapists (PTs) educated outside Canada often require assistance to register and practice as a physical therapist in Ontario. Assistance is most often sought in areas including

  • Adapting to differences in the PT role and scope of practice
  • Performing as autonomous practitioners
  • Learning how to manage social and cultural differences in the workplace
  • Becoming knowledgeable about the health care system in Canada
  • Meeting legal requirements for registration

Our Vision is to create an adult learning environment, building upon a learner’s education and clinical experience to promote, improve, and maintain the mobility and function of Canadians. The Goal of the Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program is to enhance the internationally educated physiotherapist’s professional and clinical competencies to qualify for practice as an autonomous practitioner in the Canadian health care system. The bridging program offers academic curriculum and clinical education opportunities to

  • Increase understanding of how physical therapy is practiced in Ontario
  • Enhance skills in managing cultural differences
  • Enhance PT practice knowledge and skills
  • Gain valuable supervised clinical experience in Ontario workplaces
  • Build exam-taking skills for multiple choice questions (MCQ) and Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) exams
  • Be provided with a mentor who is a registered physical therapist in Ontario
  • Satisfy Canadian Health Care System gap as identified by The Alliance.


Candidates are encouraged to consider the Bridging Program before your first attempt at the PCE exam as

  • You will have a professional network rather than working in isolation
  • Your study plan and study habits will be more structured
  • Your professional development will be enhanced with curriculum developed specifically for IEPTs in comparison to other university based courses which are developed for a broad audience
  • You may gain insights into your knowledge and skills from faculty and mentors who would not be available to you on your own
  • You will become familiar with the exam formats (i.e., MCQ and OSCE)
  • You may avoid the frustration of repeated exam failures.

Failed Exam candidates are encouraged to consider the Bridging Program after the first failed PCE exam attempt as

  • Your physical therapy knowledge is more current as less time has passed since you finished your education or work experience.
  • Your study plan and study habits will be more structured
  • You will join a peer support group who is preparing for the PCE
  • You may gain insights into your knowledge and skills from faculty and mentors who would not be available to you on your own
  • You will become familiar with the exam formats (i.e., MCQ and OSCE)
  • You may avoid the frustration and loss of confidence of repeated unsuccessful exam results.

Please note:

  • The Bridging Program does not teach basic physical therapy knowledge or skills. Applicants are expected to have current and functional knowledge of anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, diseases and disorders, measurement principles, basic assessment skills, basic record keeping skills and knowledge of electrotherapy modalities.
  • The Bridging Program builds on the physical therapy knowledge and skills developed in the entry-to-practice education outside Canada and work experience as a physical therapist.
  • The bridging program emphasis is on guiding learners to apply their knowledge and skills in patient scenarios initially practiced in the classroom then during the clinical internships.
  • Not all credentialing gaps identified by The Alliance are addressed in the Bridging Program. Some IEPTs may be required to complete additional courses. OIEPB does not provide courses specifically in the following areas: Psychology, Economics, Psychiatry and Psychological Disorders, Sociology, and Statistics.
  • The OIEPB program does not guarantee registration with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario or post-registration employment. It does offer opportunities, structure and support to enhance knowledge; professional and communication skills and networking opportunities to develop skills that can greatly assist you in becoming registered.

Important Dates

OIEPB Comprehensive Program Important Admission Dates Date 
Admission Assessment I February 26 2016
Admission Assessment II February 27 2016
Admission Assessment III (will be held if numbers of participants exceed Admission Assessment I & II capacity) February 28 2016
Application Deadline (admissions are competitive, apply now) EXTENDED to

January 31, 2016*

First Day of Class (Full time Academic Residency Week Starts) April 25 – 29, 2016

* Please note if the number of applicants reaches the maximum class size before the deadline date, you will be placed on a waitlist. Apply now as this program is popular and competitive.

Information Sessions

Throughout the year the OIEPB Program hosts Information Evenings.  This information session will give IEPTs an opportunity to learn more about the program, meet the program staff and faculty, and have the opportunity to meet former OIEPB learners.    There is no fee to attend the information session, it is FREE for everyone.

The next OIEPB Information Session will be held on:

TBA  at 500 University Avenue, Room 140 Toronto Ontario M5G 1V7

Please fill out this Registration Form if you are interested in attending one of these OIEPB Information Sessions.

Health Force Ontario  163 Queen Street East, 2nd Floor Toronto, ON M5A 1S1

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